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FunkyGiraffeBibs Giveaway

Have you seen my review of FunkyGiraffeBibs Hairbands?
If not check it out here!

I have a chance for one lucky reader to win a hairband of their own choice!

FunkyGiraffeBibs Hairbands

I wasn’t aware FunkyGiraffeBibs stocked children’s hairbands until May last year. My daughter has always had such beautiful hair. When she started nursery her hair was too short to tie back fully, haircuts were either pulled out by her or didn’t stay in place. She was always pushing her hair out of her face. 

What styles do they do?
The first one she was given is Red Strawberry Rabbit Ear hairband. This hairband is perfect for nursery. I put her hair in a high ponytail and tie the hairband with the knot at the bottom. 


My daughter was sent a Toddlebike2 to review, we were both excited for its arrival.

What is ToddleBike2?
It’s a pre balance bike for toddlers. 
All parts are manufactured, assembled and packaged in Europe. Made to a high UK specification and all materials are CE-approved. Suitable from 18 months old, toddlers need to be confident on their own two feet first. Toddlebike2 is perfect for developing gross motor skills and independence. The four wheels are all in-line. 

What do I like?
We took ToddleBike2 to our local park a few times (so far). We walked there; my daughter in one hand and ToddleBike2 in the other. It’s super lightweight (0.8Kg!), for me, as a parent the lightweight frame is dream come true. One minute riding, then walking, then riding etc. 
My daughter even carried it herself, this wasn’t encouraged she just likes to be helpful. 

Day in the Life of My Todder V Reality Part 1

I think its morning
Rolls out of bed, lets check the window - still dark. oh my potty and books are back.
I see a light on downstairs, lets rattle the gate, see if mummy or daddy are up. [no answer]
Okay I'll sing some songs..mummy's alarm!
"Hi Mummy", rattle the gate - make sure she's really awake.
"Morning, do you need a wee wee?" says mummy. I think I do though I may have been already and my knickers are definately wet.
"I'll try"
"Okay, you try, while mummy goes toilet and puts the kettle on."

She's gone! Right lets line up my books and throw my knickers and jarma bottoms across the room. Oh no, she's coming back, I forgot to wee.
"Why are your knickers over there? Did you go wee wee?"
"Come on lets go eat breakfast together."
Yay breakfast, oh I'm running I'm not allowed to run to the stairs. These stairs are hardwork!

Entertaining Children When They Have a Cold #VicksTricks

Being unwell as a child
I remember when I was unwell being allowed to stay in my parents bed all day. Children's TV wasn't an all day thing back then and my parents TV certainly didn't have more than 5 channels!
I'd be upstairs with my mum checking on me, bringing me water and whatever food (within reason) that I wanted, while my baby brother was downstairs. Keeping us (my two younger siblings and one seven years older) separate was a away of not having everyone sick at the same time.
Usually one of us got well and another fell ill.
We didn't have the flu jab either.
Vicks VapoRub* was a brand I grew up with. Whenever we had a blocked nose or a full blown cold, my mum would rub some on my chest so I had a better nights sleep. My mum grew up with this product too; it was developed over 100 years ago! I also remember her making me warm juice to soothe my sore throat.

Entertaining my daughter
So far my daughter seems to have gone from one cold to the next this season! I can always tell when my very chatty, active toddler isn't herself. She becomes quite clingy, there's more tantrums over silly things and she loses interest in food.

Friday 13th: My 13 Superstitions

So today is one of two Friday 13th of 2017, the next one is in October.
With this day deemed the most unlucky day I've compiled a list of my 13 superstitions.
Many of which you may even have as your own.

So here we go:

1) Money in a new purse/ money box - when giving as a gift. Its something my mum does and I've taken on board especially when I brought my daughter her first money box for her 1st birthday.

2) Walking over 3 drain covers - this one in more of a safety thing than it being bad luck. The middle cover in my eyes just doesn't feel safe.

I've gone blonde...

When I fell pregnant with my daughter I was in the process of having to grow out my bleached-dyed-pink-but-faded-out hair. Back then the salon I picked literally just wanted my money in their till. They didn't strand test my hair so when my roots lighten quicker than my previously dyed ends...its a long story. My hair felt goodish for about a month then it was spliting, felt dry and was a nightmare to style. I'd ruined my hair.

Back in the summer I decided that I'd had enough of being so naturally dark.
I'd been flicking through my instagram when someone I follow had posted a new photo of their hair – from dark to snow white with rainbow colours underneath is hidden when her hair is down. She tagged that her salon had used a brand called Olaplex.

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